Hi, I鈥檓 Xetera.

I love making ideas come to life with code. I'm a huge fan of functional programming and anti-abuse + trust & safety.

I'm currently really interested in web automation and security. I also enjoy design and writing on the side when I can find the time.

As of I have watched 72 animes


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20 min read

馃敪 Building a scalable scraper

My Rust project for (politely) checking thousands of social media pages every day

15 min read

馃惪 Golang is not a good language

And its creators don't think you're a good developer.

12 min read

馃攽 Building a robust permissions system in TypeScript

Making it impossible to forget permission checks.

7 min read

馃槧 Misleading educational videos

Please be more diligent with the information you put online

18 min read

馃彨 Why does school suck so much?

It's ok bro just power through it and you'll be free after you graduate.

11 min read

馃 Bot Taxonomy

How do different kinds of automation on the internet coexist?

8 min read

鉂勶笍 Blizzard's Downfall

The company that let all of its fans down.

10 min read

馃毇 India banned my site... I think?

Your requested URL has been blocked as per the directions received from Department of Telecommunications, Government of India.

5 min read

馃摎 Truthiness is not loose equality

if(x) and x == true are entirely different concepts.

11 min read

馃柤锔 Optimizing images with WebP in Node.js

Use ffmpeg to improve your images but watch out for one thing...

5 min read

鈽勶笍 Integrating Typescript with Next.js

Get easy type inference from HTTP API responses

9 min read

馃挰 Whatsapp doesn't deserve your business

Or at least not mine.

6 min read

馃帴 A night out at the theater

A real life-ish example to help explain how Javascript promises work and why they're necessary.

8 min read

馃ぁ Every technology deserves to be memed

Angular sucks but so does every other tool, it's ok to be a carrot farmer.

7 min read

馃拃 The terrible fate of reduce

And why Javascript programmers hate it.

6 min read

馃 Learning for fun and profit

Your journey through becoming a teacher before becoming a student.

4 min read

馃攷 Asking good questions

If you think it's easy you're probably doing it wrong.

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Engineering Management for the Rest of Us

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Empire of Iron

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Ready Player Two: A Novel (Ready Player One Book 2)

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F*ck Whales: Also Families, Poetry, Folksy Wisdom and You


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